First, some Christian sites:

New Song Church — This is where we go now.

Christian Musician — Cool site for the Christian musician.

Next, some music links and Gratuitous Testimonials:

BOSS — I have a WP-20G, an RC-50, an OD-20, and an FV-500L.

Korg — I have the microKONTROL.

Roger Linn Design — I use the AdrenaLinn (version I).

Roland — I have a GR-30, a VG-88, and a GKP-4 GK Parallel Box.

Arturia — I have a microBRUTE.

Ableton — My DAW of choice these days is Ableton Live 9 Suite.

PAiA — I used to have one of their earliest synth kits – the one with the button keyboard. I plan on building something from them again one of these days.

Ztar — The Starr Labs web site. Boy, would I love to have one of these! If you’re buying me something for Christmas, this is it!

Next, some musician sites:

P&J Records — Website of an old friend, Paul Sammarco, leader of Syracuse’s famous Captain Nathan Jazz And Rock Band, ca. 1970-71

Classic Q Band — The Facebook page for my friend Quincy’s band. The fact that I play guitar on one song on their new CD is not the only reason I’m listing them here.

Fortress of Solitude Productions — The Facebook page for my friend Quincy’s creative services.

Phil Keaggy — Phil is just the most awesome musician!

Les Fradkin — Les is an amazing Ztarist.

Next, some miscellaneous sites: — If you’re tempted to forward every email you get that says “Send this email to everyone you know”, or if you’re already thinking about how you’re going to spend all that money coming to you from Nigeria or the Dutch Lottery, please visit this site. Not everything you read in your email is true!