Ultimately I plan to include some music samples for downloading on this site. Meanwhile, you’ll have to settle for some lyrics.

Most, if not all, of the lyric pages will reference scripture readings relating to the song’s theme. Unless otherwise noted, all scripture quotations are from the King James version.

Upon reviewing this area of the website a few days after having done a major facelift I find a disturbing thing. Only 30% of the lyrics posted here were written in this century, and the most recent item is dated 2005. That’s a poor showing and it will have to change. So, he boldly predicts, watch for new lyrics coming soon!

City Comin’ Down — I wrote this song as an entry for an online lyric contest. The idea was to choose one of three scripture readings and write a song for it. This one is based on Rev 21:1-7, and the topic was listed as "New Jerusalem."

Deliver Me — In November of 2003 Evangelist Joe Sneed was scheduled to do a revival at our church. About that time the Lord was also dealing with me over some issues in my life. I was really in need of some deliverance. The verses are based mostly on the passage from the sixth chapter of 2nd Kings where the man of God’s servant [1] was only able to see the armies of Syria, so Elisha took a look, then prayed that God would open the eyes of his servant so that he could see what Elisha saw. And when next the servant went out to look he saw the horses and chariots of fire that Elisha saw, and then he knew that help was on the way.

I had been feeling like that servant. I needed to have a fresh look at my surroundings through eyes that God had opened. Of course, it’s one thing to get head knowledge of a thing and quite another to get heart knowledge. With head knowledge I was able to complete the song lyrics. But my time of trial continued for a while, and it wasn’t until mid-January of 2004 that I began to see light at the end of the tunnel and started to get the message from my head to my heart. On Wednesday, January 14th, at the evening service, I did the song in public for the first time. I messed it up a little but that’s OK. The message is finally getting to me and I can see the victory. Praise Jesus!

[NOTE 1] I’ve heard some people say this servant was Gehazi, but as I understand it, Gehazi embezzeled himself into a healthy (pardon the pun) case of leprosy just the chapter before.

Expected End — It was late on a Tuesday night. I was driving over to pick up my son at his friend’s house. I was scheduled to sing at the following night’s service and I couldn’t decide on a song. Then the Lord reminded me of the paper I’d been carrying in my pocket for over a month. It had Jeremiah 29:11-13 written on it. Why couldn’t I do a song about that? So I wrote the song that evening when I got home. God has a plan for us.

I’m Goin’ Where, Where, Where — My first feeble attempt at writing in Southern Gospel style.

Jim Horn And My Girl — This one is based on a true story.

(He Is) Lord Of My Life — A song I wrote to celebrate our last Sunday at Andrews Memorial UMC. We did it that day as an instrumental, but it does have some lyrics.

Street Jesus — How could I have known who that stranger was? This one is, I guess, a somewhat whimsical treatment of Matthew 25:31-46. For a more powerful treatment of this scripture try and locate a copy of "Unto Me" by Keith Moore. I found it on Phil Keaggy’s website, but the last time I checked it wasn’t available there any more.

There’s a song I wrote in 1996 and revamped in May of 2004 that I hope to put online again someday. It’s a real fun number, where most everything here is serious. It’s not a Christian song per se but it does have a positive message. It’s the story of a rabbit from the wrong side of the tracks, who begins to find his redemption through music. After the song is over, he does find true redemption through Jesus — maybe I’ll write that verse someday. As a teaser, let me mention that, for all you Johnny Cash fans out there, there’s a slick little reference to the Man In Black in the lyrics. I pulled the lyrics of this song from the website a few years ago because I decided I needed to change the main character’s name, which is also the title of the song, for reasons I won’t go into here. As soon as I can come up with the right name I’ll put this one back up.

The Street — I wanted to write a song about the Rapture. This would be that song.

What Would You Do If . . . — This song was inspired during a trip to the local Books-A-Million store one evening when they were hosting a poetry reading. Suddenly the thought came: What would you do if someone died for you? How would you handle that? Well, guess what? Someone did die for you! His name is Jesus.

Wind, Life, Fire — During a Pentecost season study of the Holy Spirit back at Andrews I put the five-toed monster in my mouth once again and told everybody that my contribution to the Pentecost Sunday service would be to write a song about the Holy Spirit. Thank you, Lord, for your help on this one. It turned out to be another last minute affair. The song briefly explores three aspects of the Holy Spirit.