Guess what?

Worship is all about God.

Having said that I need to say too that music can be a strong factor in enabling a worship experience. People come in all different sizes and shapes. And there are different types of worshippers, too. Some never require or desire music; they can be in a state of worship continually. To paraphrase Paul, I’m sure he could be content if music abounded or if music lacked. He could make his own music; ask the jailer at Philippi.

But for folks like me music is important to the worship experience. There are times I don’t need it, times I don’t want it, if it’s going to distract me from the object of my worship, Jesus. But there are times when the right song, the right sound, brings me closer to the Throne. And I know that’s true for others as well.

As a Christian musician there are certain things I need to keep in mind. First, as stated above, it’s not about me, or my talent, or the song I wrote, or the cool guitar lick I came up with. It’s all about Jesus. I must remember that!

And I have to remember who is the giver of the talent I have. In my younger, pre-Christian, days. I thought I had gotten where I was on my own. And I had a quite lofty idea of just where that was. After accepting Jesus I quit playing for some two and a half years. Partly this was because I couldn’t separate music from the lifestyle I had been leading. Partly God had a lesson for me, and He had to get me to the point where I couldn’t remember much about how to play before He could start teaching me to play for Him.

I thank God that He has given me this talent, and has given me opportunity to use it in His service. And I pray that I will always remember the Giver of that talent, and always point to Him when I play.

Copyright © 2001 by Richard W. Webb
Published by SoaringSpiderSongs
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